Top 5 Popular Sports in Malaysia

Top 5 Popular Sports

Sports in Malaysia

What’s one thing Malaysians love more than milo, wagering and coastlines? Obviously the fitting reaction is Sports in Malaysia.

Additionally, in case you make a couple of requests “what are the outstanding games in Malaysia?”, everyone will have different answers. Some would express the national game, Sepak Takraw, while others would express the more thoroughly saw games like Football or Badminton.

They express that knowing a country’s generally cherished past time and activities reveals what kind of a country it really is. So we caused an overview of what we to accept are the most venerated games in Malaysia!



Football is an amazingly standard game, in Malaysia just as the whole world! Millions watch The World Cup at ordinary interims and Malaysians reliably wonder when we’ll make it into the International Tournament. It’s maybe the best game on earth, taking everything into account, beating ball or even ice skating.

In 2018, basically a huge part of the complete masses looked at watch the World Cup held in Russia. Deplorably Malaysia’s National Football Team didn’t qualify. Regardless, various Malaysians got a kick out of review their favored International players order the playing field.

Neymar is one of the most notable football players on earth right now.

Regardless of the way that Malaysia isn’t so blessed in the International field, there’s so far our own national football class.


KUALA LUMPUR 27 AUGUST 2019. Badminton men’s double player, Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik. NSTP/AZIAH AZMEE

We should allow it to out, Malaysia’s Football Team is gaining some hard experiences breaking into the International affiliation.

Regardless, Badminton, of course, is truly prospering! Without a doubt, even Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that badminton is by and by the #1 Malaysia Sport.

Badminton legends like Datuk Lee Chong Wei is as dearest as the game itself. He’s one of th Sports Icons that helped badminton become one of Malaysia’s National Sports (casually).

Likewise, there’s more nature to Badminton than Football since our guideline contention begins from our Asian neighbors like Indonesia, China and South Korea.This gives an inexorably close by feel that isn’t found in football.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is the Official National Sport in Malaysia. Be that as it may, it’s beginnings can be found from all over Southeast Asia, like Thailand and the Philippines. Sepak Takraw puts on an act of being an assortment of the Western Sport Volleyball, where rather than using hands, Sepak Takraw players can use any bit of their bodies except for their lower arms and said hands. This makes for a cool-looking athletic game that is more on the aerobatic side. You’ll much of the time watch players plunging to catch and skipping to hit the fast rattan ball.

Examining the ball, it’s one of the most describing pieces of the game. A Sepak Takraw ball is made of weaved fragments of buluh or bamboo. It’s light and fun, the perfect kind of ball for a game where passing the ball and keeping it above water is its whole point.

 Kinds of Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw furthermore has two assortments, the Bulatan and the Jaring. For the Bulatan, players aggregate around and must pass the ball to each other, keeping the ball recognizable all around anyway much as could sensibly be normal. In any case called Sepak Raga Bulatan, this is the principal type of the revered national game.

Jaring, on the other hand, is the more present day type of Sepak Takraw, where players pass the ball to each other over a high net.

To us Malaysians, Sepak Takraw is an option that is other than a game. It’s a celebration of culture, a custom that offers light to the country’s rich history.



Certainly, Rugby as a game started from football. Back in past times worth remembering when the Englishmen were basically starting to make the standard rules for football, others battled that two standards should be removed from the game. The first is that running with the ball close by should be allowed. The second is that hacking or kicking an enemy in the legs to topple the player who has the ball should in like manner be allowed. Right when they proposed that these two norms be ousted, the others separated from the alliance by and large and made their own game: rugby! In addition, as such one of the notable games in Malaysia was considered.

In Malaysia, the game Rugby is spoken to by the Malaysian Rugby Union or Kesatuan Ragbi Malaysia.

The game is in like manner getting continuously outstanding during the time by virtue of unlimited undertakings like the Get Into Rugby program (GIR).

GIR was begun by the best possible senior administrator of the Malaysia Rugby Union, Mohd Mazuri, in 2014.

Get into Rugby has been getting Malaysians into rugby, especially the pre-adult from the open nation. In Malaysia, a game isn’t just a game it’s a strategy to consolidate people notwithstanding their abberations in culture and condition. It’s a stunning, awesome thing.



A lot of Malaysians love to watch Hoki or (even more noticeably known as) Field Hockey. Honestly, Malaysia is one of the building up people from the Asian Hockey Federation. Malaysia has its own National Hockey Team and even has their own field hockey affiliation competition for clubs called the Malaysia Hockey League or MHL. Malaysians are in all actuality satisfactory at playing this game, seeing as the men’s hockey bunch is situated thirteenth on the planet and third in Asia. The women’s gathering, of course, is situated 22 on the planet and fifth in Asia.

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