Recipe of spanish and greek chicken


This wonderful and delectable supper is additionally shockingly sound and is acceptable as a supper for anybody following an eating routine of 1200–1500 calories a day .

With a GI of 58 this supper is high protein, low GI. Each serving gives 352 kcal, 32g protein, 8.5g starches (of which 10.5g sugars), 13g fat (of which 4g soaks), 9g fiber and 1.7g salt. With a GI of 58 this supper is high protein, low GI

Warmth the oil during a huge, non-stick griddle or sauté container. Include the chicken and season with the pepper. Fry for two minutes, blending consistently.Move the chicken to a plate utilizing an opened spoon or spatula and include the onion, pepper, courgette and chorizo to the container. Fry over a medium–high warmth for 3 minutes, blending routinely.Include the wine, tomatoes, butterbeans, tomato purée, oregano, bean stew pieces and chicken broth shape to the dish. refill the tomato tin with cold water, fill the tomato blend and blend . Season with somewhat salt and pepper.Carry the sauce to the bubble, return the chicken to the dish and stew for 8–10 minutes, or until the chicken is delicate and cooked through and therefore the sauce has thickened.In the interim, half-fill a huge pan with water and convey to the bubble. Include the rice and stew for 10–12 minutes, or until cooked.Spot the green beans, if utilizing, during a little pot of bubbling water and cook for 5–6 minutes, or until delicate. Channel the beans and therefore the rice and put during a safe spot.
Trimming with the parsley and serve promptly with the green beans and rice nearby.


  • 1 tbsp additional virgin vegetable oil
    2 little boneless, skinless chicken bosoms (each about 150g/5½oz), cut
    1 onion, meagerly cut
    1 yellow pepper, seeds evacuated, dig 4cm/1½in pieces
    1 courgette, cut, split lengthways and dig 1cm/½in cuts
    100g/3½oz cooking chorizo, cut
    100ml/3½fl oz wine
    400g tin hacked tomatoes
    400g tin spread beans, depleted and washed
    1 tbsp tomato purée
    1 tsp dried oregano
    ½ tsp dried stew chips
    chicken broth 3D square
    160g/5¾oz long-grain rice
    175g/6oz green beans, cut (discretionary)
    hacked new flatleaf parsley, to embellish

Procedure 1

ocean salt and crisply ground dark pepperPreheat stove to 200C/180C fan constrained. Pour 1 tablespoon of the oil into an enormous preparing dish and spot within the broiler for five minutes to warm.Add the chicken to the heating dish and attend cover. Mastermind the capsicum, onion, garlic, oregano and cove leaves round the chicken. Shower with the juice and therefore the remainder of the oil. Season. Heat for half-hour or until the chicken is starting to dark colored.Add the tomatoes and olives to the dish. steel oneself against an extra quarter-hour or until the chicken is brilliant and delicate. Top with feta and present with lemon wedges.


2 tablespoons additional virgin vegetable oil
1.5kg (around 9) chicken drumsticks
2 red capsicums, deseeded, thickly cut
purple onion dig thick wedges
2 garlic cloves, daintily cut
6 sprigs new oregano
3 new or dried cove leaves
2 tablespoons new juice additionally to wedges to serve200g punnet cherry tomatoes100g (3/4 cup) Sicilian olives, set125g feta, broken into huge pieces

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